Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a shorter form of psychoanalysis conducted once a week instead of meeting four or five times a week. The objective of this talking therapy is for the client to start to better understand their inner world, how it has developed and how it influences both their current and past relationships.  In turn this self-knowledge and understanding aids them to reduce neurotic symptoms and help them with emotional problems.


The therapist provides a private setting where unconscious patterns of the patient's inner world are unpicked and helps clients to step by step, identify these patterns and become conscious of them, to develop the capacity to understand and change themselves.


Becoming a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist takes on average five years of study initially to qualify, and ongoing education is required to maintain accreditation. In addition, psychodynamic psychotherapists in private practice visit a clinical supervisor after every twenty hours of client sessions to discuss their cases, for which they pay a fee in the same way that clients pay them.